Tuesday, 17 December 2013

pond-hopping vintage

This gift-giving season, you know what you need in your life?  A little more vintage.  Sensational vintage.  Vintage to make heads turn and fists tighten in envy.  

Welcome to UK-based, China Pig Vintage.  

It's mastermind, Steph Wilson, is a jacklyn-of-all-trades.  She does the buying and the styling; the amazing photo shoots are her brainchildren; she manages all the budgeting, post, etc; she dapples in design and collaborates with other awesome UK designers (like those turbans from ShopFloorWhore); and oh yeah, she's also the model. 


This girl can mix prints, mix textiles, mix decades and mix formalities, and she does so with such effortless chicness you can't help but burden your poor debit card with more.  Plus, have you ever seen wigs done so well?  Me neither. 

Her boutique is run through ASOS Marketplace, a great place to discover vintage from all over the globe from boutiques and individual sellers.  But I'm doing you a favour.  Start with China Pig.      

Many of her finds are designer treasures from the likes of Barbour, Jaeger, Burberry and Prada.  As for the others, they are so one-of-a-kind that you'll be glad no one could ever label or copy them.  
Currently, she's got some unique New Year's Eve stunners listed, like this sequin striped number or this dying to be twirled tulle skirt

Or maybe you just need something to keep you as cozy as all the mulled wine you'll be drinking in it, like this high-necked floral shift:

I'm obviously a believer in this boutique, and have not been shy about putting my money where my mouth is. (Sidebar:  I've never been happier to have a British partner, although my mother-in-law obviously regrets the postal habits of that odd American her son took up with, as my parcels appear far more regularly than my person.  C'est la vie.) 
Here's some of the finery I have personally scored from this amazing curation:

Colour-me-scarlet gauze whirl

Golden 'I lead the band' shirt
Pinup Lee skinnies
Crochet wonderment
She's so fierce shearling

Bad-assest of boots

all images pictured are copyright of China Pig Vintage and all feature items actually for sale 

So for the holidays do the planet a favour and buy used clothes.  Then do yourself a favour and buy them from China Pig.


Monday, 16 December 2013

shore leave: a Bird's eye view

photos by Cass Bird for Vogue UK
model: Freja Beha Erichsen

Cass Bird, you've done seaside holidays everywhere proud.  Every photo in this editorial is dreamy, poignant and evocative.  I want to see it all, wear it all, live it all.  Beautiful.  

I highly recommend (kindly note the TWO links to her webpage) a visit to this talented photographer's site to peruse her portfolio - you may lose an hour or two, but you'll gain the knowledge that many of the editorials that have really spoken to you over the last several years have all come from the same lens.  

The Bird's eye view is sweet. 

- xx

Saturday, 14 December 2013

holiday spirit

Clinking glasses in toasts to everything and nothing.  Appreciative mummers at the mouthwatering spread.  Reuniting with loved ones after time apart.  Engaging with festive strangers - just because.  Laughing straight into one another's eyes.  Draping on shoulders, squeezing on hands.  

Feasting.  Friends.  Family.   

Wherever your holidays take you, be it sultry escapes or the winteriest of climes, this video from Kinfolk should get you even more in the spirit of conviviality, joy and love.    

It's all about people.  Lovely, loving people celebrating togetherness, together.  

I love the holidays.       

clip clog, clip clog, clip clog...

Sweden, you've done us proud.  The classics from no. 6 store, free people, bryr, swedish hasbeens and rachel comey are just the tip of the wooden-shod iceberg this season (but don't skip them - they're delectable).   Year after year, season after season, clogs keep making us walk that much taller, and that much louder.  Louder and prouder.  

[Many of the above images are vintage clogs currently available on my beloved treasure trove Etsy - reduce, reuse, recycle!]

- xx