Saturday, 28 September 2013

chasin' the fuzz

My go to bud for winter warmth: the loveable, huggable, sheepalicious shearling.  I'd never skin and tell - but if others choose to?  Well/hell yes, hypothetical partaking is always on the table.  Too bad my sherpa of choice is Acne's fierce fleecy number (you may've spotted several incarnations above), only costing me a used car, international holiday and a firstborn or two.  Financially, I'll never have means to succumb, but we all can dream of our weaknesses, can't we?   Mmmmmm, warmer already.

[If you noted my dalliance into the eastern climes of sherpas, afghans and mongols, please forgive.  The heart knows what the heart wants, and in this case the beast of sacrifice is sheep.]

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