Saturday, 7 September 2013

twin peaks

This editorial from Elle Sweden.  This editorial!  It is something special, both nostalgically and sartorially.  I can't express adequate admiration for the twisted genius of David Lynch's beguiling classic, Twin Peaks.  If you haven't, go watch it!  Now would be best.  You'll soon be swooning for Dale Cooper, homemade pie and saddle shoes.  

It's all here as a teaser - Audrey the siren, preppy Donna, Bobby the jock and biker boy James.   Strains of that boozy soundtrack emanate from each photo.  With androgynous denim, voluminous coats, sporty touches and a healthy dose of plaid, this scratches all my autumnal itches and more.  Plus a deep red lip to match a deep red curtain?  Yes, oh yes, oh yes.   

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