Monday, 20 January 2014

contemplating angles

Chasin' sun like it's my job.

Eastern windows in the AM, western skyline-searching Post Meridiem, all while dolling up for the shows-festivals-strolls-films-dinners-concerts-coffees-crescendos of the impending future.  Hazy, beautiful shafts of wintery glow fight their way in through panes smeared in Jack Frost's tears.  Sunlight to bask in and warm in and ponder.  Reflect it around, spread it if you can.  Lover of light and warmth and salt and sweat.  Winter's not my bag, but add a little sunshine and anything goes.  And go we all must, out into the wintery wind.

So let's get ready.  It's time to primp and prep.  It's time for you and a mirror and the details and the big picture and the front and the back and the side to side and 180 and 360 and above and below and all together now.  You control the view.  You are the viewer.  

The way I see it, the view's good from here.

- xx

{photos by my love}

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