Tuesday, 28 January 2014

sur les quais

She wakes before dawn.  Sneaks on tippiest tips of toes into her brother's room and sweeps up his discarded work clothes from the day before.  Boots in hand, steals quietly quietly down the stairs.  Eases the door shut behind her, grabs his bike from it's resting place against the garage wall and it's out, out!  Into the riversides and alleyways that make up the playground of the street urchin.  Such a waif of a girl won't be found out right away, though so lovely a face is no help to her cover.  Whistles for her dog.  Plays it cool.  And rides, rides like the wind if any scoundrels get too rowdy or corners get too tight.  This is Hugo's Paris, and it is for everyone...

Ragamuffin, street rat, urchin, bohemian, beatnik, hobo - not words one associates with the Parisian essence and elegance, no?  But today, oh today, Vogue Paris has issued an ode to the street, to rough around the edges, to clothes with age, with wear, and to a girl with a story to tell.  She owns this town, but she's always on the run.  "The spontaneity of a neo-Gavroche [a street child from Les Mes√©rables], who also knows how to play the high-spirited, clever Parisian young lad."  In her case, a tomboy and a lady.  Femininity that is not lost in wild ways or denim-clad days.   

This is exactly how relaxed winter dressing should be done.  Generations later, it still rings true.


- xx

photographer: lachlan bailey   stylist: claire dehelens    model: kati nescher
Vogue Paris February 2014
all images originally sourced from: visual optimism

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