Friday, 7 February 2014


A gift or a curse?  The flat I temporarily inhabit was without internet for a week.

Yes, that's one FULL week.

Total gift.  Screen-free holidays for everyone!


Except that as a currently under-employed job-seeker, a week's quite a stretch with no regular income or application access.  No curses here, from me or otherwise, just streeeeeeeetchy. 

 Particularly when life costs nearly double what you imagine (currency exchange, I weep at your treason), it's time to get creative with excursions.  A.k.a., walk.  A lot.  Everywhere.  All over Berlin's wintery neighbourhoods.     

Which leads to incredible discoveries like the Kunstquartier Bethanien Art Center in Kreuzberg.  An enchanted castle of street art.  Hundreds of fascinating looking sorts scurrying in and out of the building toting oddly shaped parcels, canvases, costumes and instruments.  A free exhibit documenting the history of sound, with plenty of opportunities to make noise all your own.  

And lots and lots of projectors.  

How appropriate a replacement, when so much of the socially-driven internet is about projecting yourself.  To be noticed, to express opinions, to flavor life, to share with family, friends and un-familiars alike, to fight back, to figure out, to fit in, to stand out.  

So what are you projecting?  

[photos by My Love]

coat - maison scotch;  cardigan - men's vintage;  flannelvintage
striped linen topZara;  jeans - rag&bone
boots - Vintage Laredo ropers;  earrings - a peace treaty

- xx

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