Sunday, 23 February 2014

mama didn't raise no sheep

As a child, her mother would thrust the tools of creativity into her arms. Brushes and pastels, crayolas and chalk, fingers if none of the above suffice. Just give the girl a palette! The gift of choice.   

"Screw the lines kid. Paint the town red, yellow, magenta, ochre. Just paint."

Well now mama's little girl is as grown up as she'll get and showin' off how good a good lesson sticks.  Conformity, non-conformity - you're missing the point.  When hunting for beauty you don't look in boxes. 

Hearts, dear friends, not boxes. 

These images from Harper's Bazaar shook my Sunday and I hope they send shivers yours as well.

Now how's about some tunes to go with?  I've been stingy here with music of late, keeping it close, listening low, rapt, focused. Tapping toes in silence so no nuance is missed. But that's wrong of me - it's not ol' music's m.o. Without further ado, indulge in one of my favorite skillful indulgences and shake the frame ya'll.

'It's just I drink only that which makes me thirsty.'  
Happy Sunday.

- xx  

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