Wednesday, 16 October 2013

sarah lee

First, I encourage you to click and surrender to the fine fiddling magic of Yo Yo & co.  Nay, I'm going to go all Nike on you.  


To complete the dreamy Sarah Lee experience, get scrollin'.

Native Hawaiian, prolific surfer/swimmer and font of creativity, it's photographer Sarah Lee's mission to capture and share the islands she's spent her life loving.  Never have I ever wished harder to be a bonafide surfer chic.  (Yup, she's topped watching Blue Crush.)

Sarah has a unique aptitude for capturing enjoyment of the ocean, partially due to her physical prowess.  Not just anyone could get their swim on well enough to achieve shots like these with jellyfish, surfers coming straight at you and bazillions of hours logged under the water.  I think she's even been attacked by sharks.  Even more impressive is her depth of focus - did you see how stunning the sea itself is?  The way she captures bubbles and currents, splashes and crashes... mesmerising.

I tip my swim cap to you, Ms. Lee and thank you for making my Wednesday more beautiful.

P.S.  Roxy, Billabong, take note.  It's duel to the death time for this one.

P.P.S.  Did you catch that sexy violin/mandolin riff???  (If you didn't, go back to the beginning and click on that video.  RIGHT NOW!  I'm doing you a favor.)  My feelings for those men's talent border on the inappropriate.  Wowza.    

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