Sunday, 3 November 2013

how kapital


The closest literal translation for this important Japanese value is 'craftsmanship', but without any emphasis on the 'man'.  It is used to describe the process of translating design into a tangible article, with all the focus on the article itself, not its maker.  Quality for pure quality's sake, for love of the craft created, not glorification of the craft's creator.  It is the science, the artistry and the mastery necessary to create something of excellence.  Japanese 'master' craftsmen are labeled as such for their economy, and for their ability to eliminate excess, inconsistency and waste from their creative process.
One right way to do things.
One intentional, timeless and superior product, every time.

Kaptial is a cult name in the world of Japanese denim, largely for how this father-son team embraces the concept of monozukuri as a central tenant for all the clothing designed and manufactured by their company.  Each garment is thoughtfully and purposefully crafted, from custom-made fabrics to impeccable finishing touches.  Kapital's design team takes inspiration from American vintage wear.  Surfers, cowboys, hippies, farmers, indigenous groups, migrants, soldiers and particularly every decade's denim play a role.  However, every influence is reinterpreted into crossover vintage-modern silhouettes and has vestiges of something oh-so-indefinably... Japanese.  While celebrating American culture, this company has not lost touch with its own, and that's what makes me so squirmily, tinglingly thrilled by their innovative collections.  (I'm actually wiggling as I type - this stuff is so good!)

Taking all of the above into account, I am close to bursting with sartorial excitement that Anthropologie is now the first and exclusive US carrier of women's wear from this Japanese powerhouse!!!!
You can shop their whole selection here, and I highly recommend you do.  It's pricey (le sigh), but what isn't when exquisite quality's up for grabs?

Come join me in my 1/2 salivation, 1/2 hero worship over these genius Japanese pieces, and let's all go broke together.

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  1. love it all, the styling, the clothing - thanks for the info
    will check it out for sure!


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