Friday, 8 November 2013

sweater weather

Last night the first rains came a'rollin across the desert.  Claps of thunder, flashes of light - autumn needs a dramatic entrance when it turns up this late.  Good thing Hemingway prepared us long ago for just how to take on such drama.  Embrace the chill.  Cozy up.  Chunky, aran, fisherman, or fairisle, a knit's the way to go.  

Lounging in bed.  Cozy socks.  Flushed cheeks.  Excitable pups.  Oversized cardigans.  Fingerless gloves.  Romps through leaves.  Steaming mugs of goodness.  Log fires.  Hearty stews.  Crusty bread. Burgundies and burnt oranges.  Crisp air.  Mulled wine.  Fuzzy earmuffs.  Pumpkins.  Slippers.  Cuddles.  

Bask in the fall.

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