Wednesday, 6 November 2013

wanderlust wednesday: OR road trip

Oregon is The Absolute Best.  See how happy I am in my OR pride?  That's because it rocks.  Let me invite you on a road trip to find out why.

Okay, hop in.  (C'mon, you knew there'd be rain...)

First things first.  If you don't start out with a mossy, woodsy hike, you're doing it wrong.

Then it's beachward ho, because the deliciously foggy OR coastline is not to be missed, whatever the latitude.

Hooray, we're here!

Whew.  Hiking.  Beaches.  I bet you're tired.  Why not a lovely picnic supper overlooking the Kings Estate Winery vineyards?  Obviously, there'll be wine.  

Home again, home again, Eugenity gene.  

Day one complete.  And it was awesome.

Right, day two.  A biggie.  Three Sisters, here we come.  South Sister, your ours.  After all, what's over 10,000 feet of Cascade volcano got on us? 

Yes, you must go higher than the clouds.  

The highest lake in OR, Teardrop Pool.  

Six hours of happy exhaustion later, it's back on the road, Bend-ward bound. 

But first, the view from the car park, if you're not already on beauty sensory overload:

Yes please.  I'll take two.  
To start.  
Good night.

 Another day, another climb.  This time, Redmond-style.  

Into the car, 'cause Hole-in-the-Ground and Castle Rock aren't coming to us.  

This whole place used to be a lake, and the rock genuinely served as a 'castle'.  

Time to head back...oh, wait, can't even keep us in the car.  It's all too beautiful.

 Heading southward.  I've heard there's a lake so blue it will knock your Thorlos-smart-wool-sweat wicking-extra padded hiking socks right off your feet.  Or your birkenstocks.

Kitchy, retro petrol top up?  Check.  

 Holy cobalt  that's blue. (Ahem, UNphotoshopped.)  

 Wow, hiking the whole perimeter makes your eyes hurt from blue and your body hurt for tacos.  Time to refuel for the final stretch.  

 Ultimately, you always knew we'd wind up here, didn't you?  Portland, let's rock and tumble.  

Choose your own adventure from here on out.  No such thing as a false move here - it's all goodness and green.

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