Monday, 11 November 2013

snow white

There seems to be a running theme in holiday editorials; titles feature words like 'maiden' 'heroine' or 'enchanted'.  

Okay, I'll bite.  Fairy tales it is.  

Once upon a time there were some girls.  Let's call them all Snow White...

They didn't wear blue satin sashes and they weren't goin' to the chapel, but man-oh-man did they ever live happily ever after.  


  1. Hello!

    I see that you use one of my images without my permission. Feel free to use the image in your blog as long as you do not edit the picture and write a clickable link to my website ( and add me as a photographer (Tuana Art).

    Otherwise, you will receive an invoice.

    The original project is available here:


    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! Whichever of these photos you took, it's gorgeous, and I'm so sorry that I didn't tag you appropriately. Most of the images came from Pinterest and it's quite difficult to track their origins. I checked out the original project, and since the image I used was not shown, I'm uncertain as to which one is yours. I took my best bet and named you as the photographer in the two I think could be yours, but would you care to confirm? I thought it may be the girl in the gown by the lake or the girl in the field of white flowers. Again, thank you for letting me know!


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